Friday, September 19, 2008

in the crumpled wastebasket that is my mind:

Note to Self:
high heels are a bad idea for a night out. alright, I'm sure everyone else in the world knows this. Shut up. I literally had nothing else to wear.

Note to Self:
high heels are an especially bad idea when the walk to town is about 30 minutes sober and who knows how long drunk.

Other notes I have made to self:
-academic beurocracy is apparently as oppressive, confusing and depressing here as it is in the states.
-ditto for phone companies
-ditto for internet connections
-Ireland may smell fantastically like winter at night, but that is only when the all - too -familiar scent of cow doesn't waft over the breeze.

New cool words:
--meanings? not yet fully determined--

To Do:
-go to guitar store
-buy flats
-fix phone problem
-find gluten-free corn flakes (does barley have gluten in it? check this online at some point)
-walk along the quays
-find cool small live music venue
-indian food?
-remember where ancestors came from, and then visit it
-think about preparing ahead of time (like now) for possible trips
-something to do with laundry? or a laundry basket?
-figure out internet connection
-remember whatever it is I forgot to do/forgot I need to do (there is always something)


Heidi Fuller said...

As you may recall, beer is off the list. Beer has barley.

Greeley's Ghost said...

I thought it was the wind that shakes the barley.....?

The Monster said...

thats why you need super awesome heels. or go everywhere in your chucks, thats what i do. just say its a statement.