Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stuck Again (Oh! who called that?)

The spirit of bureaucracy is out to screw me this year.

I got detained at customs. Yea, I'm just that sketchy and hardcore.
So I missed my flight.

I mean, don't worry or anything. I got a new one. I'm not stuck in some crazy airport layover purgatory where all I can do is wait for a connection that will never come because it has already passed and where I will quickly finish my only book and have to spend the rest of airport forever forlornly watching the passersby rush around getting gone because they are not in airport purgatory. Yea, nothing like that.

I remember how lightly I'd joked about not being able to survive the layover. Oh how young, innocent and naive I was. It just goes to show kids, don't count your chickens before they spill milk... or something like that.

I'd go grab a drink except I only have Euros. and also except that it's not even 10:30 am. and I am nothing if not classy.

I'm hungry.

1 comment:

Greeley's Ghost said...

Classy indeed....
At least you didn't bad-mouth the security guards and end up being held overnight on suspicion of wanting to harass an ex-president, as a certain college friend of ours did at LAX back in the day.
I hope you, like Nixon, are tanned, rested and ready to go!