Friday, October 10, 2008

green monster

So I woke up with a red streak on my arm and one of my fingernails and thought "OH my god! I'm bleeding! Where? Where?"
And then I realized it was just pasta sauce from my late-night second dinner a few hours ago.

Silly girl.

I found out a further disadvantage that comes with a dairy intolerance: it's called aftershock. Allow me to elaborate.
I went on a pub crawl last night with one of my roommate's and her friend. Fantastic girls, so nice. Well, after Bullmers, they were all feeling full and so decided to do a couple of shots instead. So they asked the bartender to make us a shot of something awesome but sweet. With no tequila. Alright fine. So he pours peach schnapps into shot glasses and then starts to float Baileys on top. I can't drink Baileys because of the dairy. Oh, okay. So he turns around and grabs this other bottle and pours out this clear, electric green shot. It looked like liquid green jell-o. Yum, right? (well. actually, I don't really like Jell-o, but eh.) 1 - 2 - 3 and down! Whoo! Strong! Oh my god. it's licorice flavored. I hate licorice. UGH! Aah! Usch! The bartender grins. "Strong, eh?" Um yea. Strong and gross. But I just smile "jeeze, strong!?! That was ridiculous!"

you know when you give a dog peanut butter and he sits there sticking his tongue to the roof of his mouth and then pulling it off repeatedly? That was me for the next 15 minutes trying to get that god-awful taste out of my mouth. There is definitely a reason that it's called "aftershock."

And to think the other girls got peach schnapps and Baileys.

it is, indeed a cruel world.

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Beverly said...

:) I love all of your stories Maggie! So well written! It sounds like you are facing new adventures each and every day!