Monday, October 6, 2008

Stream of Consciousness: 11:47 pm

I have made a fatal error. I have left my cd case of movies out in the living room. As in, the living room in which my roommates are all just chilling out on a lazy Monday night.
I can't get in there. I can't get my movies. Because it's awkward to want to watch a movie alone in my room? Apparently.

So now I'm watching old episodes of The Office on my computer eventhough I intended to go to sleep like 2 hours ago.
I don't sleep much here. It was a big deal.

Also, this week has been progressively more awful. I've been in kind of a funk and bad stuff keeps happening. Like this morning! This morning, I go to pour my casein free milk into my gluten free oatmeal and it's all rotten. Yuck. And that's just one thing. It's just been an overcast mood all week. And then I remembered, DUH! It's because Mercury is in retrograde! My life ALWAYS gets crappy when Mercury is in retrograde!
But don't worry because there's only about a week left until it starts turning, so it's all good.

Also, I found a really cool key yesterday.

We went to Blarney yesterday, and I had some super awesome poetic ideas about how to write about it, but now I forget. Also, the Folk Festival was this weekend. I saw this really cool trad band in this little pub and then walked home in the rain which felt AMAZING! I love the rain. Also we saw this Salsa Celtica band which was a salsa-traditional Celtic music fusion band. SO cool.
And in Blarney we picked up a traveler. His name is Mick (which looks like I spelled it wrong.) And he's still here... which is why I can't go get my movies. Because he and one of my roommates are in the living room debating about watching a movie or not. I do not want to join them. Actually, now it is a moot point because it sounds like they've all gone to sleep since I've been watching The Office.

Say Goodnight Gracie.

Goodnight, Gracie!


Greeley's Ghost said...

Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival sends its regards.

Heidi Fuller said...

Oh, we missed Hardly Strictly cuz we were in church. . .I am so bummed.

Heidi Fuller said...

goodnight gracie

Dorcas Butt said...

Man... where did I so recently hear "goodnight gracie?" I know that it is from something...
Anyhow, in response to your other post, if you EVER want to skype me to rant about anything or hear me rant I would be soo soo happy.

Beverly said...

I just watched all of the 4 American seasons of the office in about a week. It is fantastic. I love Dwight so much. Everything he does cracks me up (and Jim is soooo cute!) There are so many quotable moments! Yay for watching awesome movies in solidarity :D.